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Is your student loan debt making it difficult to get by on a monthly basis? American Education Solutions (AES) will help you find a personalized consolidation program that will help you overcome staggering monthly payments, high interest rates, and confirm your eligibility for Loan Forgiveness programs.
Are you receiving harassing calls from your servicing companies because of a defaulted student loan? AES
specializes in student loan rehabilitation, that will stop the harassing calls from servicing companies, negotiate a reasonable repayment plan on your behalf, and give you the peace of mind you deserve! We have helped hundreds of people reach their financial goals with little to no hassle.
At American Education Solutions we understand the loan consolidation process can daunting. Our experienced Student Loan Consultants will help you navigate the various landscapes of the consolidation process. We will guide you step by step in understanding your student loan rights, the consolidation, and forgiveness programs that you qualify for. There are many options that borrowers simply aren’t aware of. At AES we strive to provide you with the most up-to-date program information with crystal clear clarity while assessing which program is the right fit for you![/fullwidthbanner]



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Current Loan Forgiveness Programs

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Student Loan Disability...

Loan forgiveness for those who are permanently disabled and are no longer able to perform substantial gainful activities, student loan...
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Public Service

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Programs encourage individuals to remain in their public service jobs. Individuals must work full-time in...
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Teacher Loan Forgiveness

eacher Loan Forgiveness programs offer qualifying teachers $5000 – $17,500 reduction towards their federal student loans. This...
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